Management of purchase invoices and process automatization

MediusFlow is intended for supporting and enhancing an organisation's existing systems and activities by integrating seamlessly into the business processes. MediusFlow is scalable according to the organisation's business model, size, and software solutions. The principle idea of MediusFlow is to provide a digital platform for the management of business process tasks. MediusFlow takes care of the tasks according to the plan.

Medius is the Nordic market leader in purchase invoice management solutions.


MediusFlow manages the following processes

  • Purchase invoices
  • Purchases
  • Contracts
  • General workflow management and improvement processes

Digital invoice management can save up to 50% in processing costs. MediusFlow provides an opportunity to process different purchase invoices according to their characteristics. That facilitates the processing of unique and recurring invoices and thus releases valuable resources for other purposes.

The purchase module is intended for digitalising the purchase processes and to remove existing restrictions. Typical problems are e.g. indirect materials. When all the purchases are carried out digitally, they can be automatized as far as possible and synchronized perfectly. As a result manual phases will be minimized and savings will be created.

The contract module assumes the management of an organisation's most essential documents, i.e. the contracts. Contracts can be archived, the events based on contracts can be compared with them, and different reminders can be associated with the contracts. Contracts and invoices can be easily synchronized with each other.

The general workflow and improvement processes cover e.g. different reclamations, forms, management of deviations, support and help desk type of processes, and many others. They help MediusFlow to integrate seamlessly into existing solutions.

In addition to that, the activities based on workflow support all the processes

  • Company and local regulation
  • Digital archiving
  • Document management
  • Process management
  • Integrability to existing systems
  • Automatic reminders and checks
  • Automatic and manual actions support each other
  • Report generation
  • Interpretation and digitalization of analog material
  • Data storing and analysis
  • Definition of user rights

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